Iron, Vinyl, & Wood Fencing in Thermal, CA

Sam’s Fence, Inc. specializes in different types of gates and fences, and we offer various high-quality materials beyond chain link, including wood, iron, and vinyl:

  • Wood fences. A wood fencing option is one of the most durable, reliable, and secure fencing options for any residential or commercial property.  We offer redwood and cedar options.
  • Vinyl fences.  At Sam’s Fence, Inc., we offer the best vinyl fencing options in Thermal, CA, and other surrounding areas. Our vinyl fences are affordable, high-quality, and will last for decades. We can handle commercial and residential projects of all sizes.
  • Iron fences. If you want a long-lasting and affordable iron fence for your property, it is time to contact our company.  Our quality iron fencing services will not disappoint you. We also offer customized designs of any design, color, and shape.

Commercial and Residential Gate Installations

Sam’s Fence, Inc. is available for all your commercial and residential gate system installation and repair. Our company has been operating since 1985, so you can rely on our experience, skills, and expertise. Contact us today for premier commercial and residential gate installation and repair in Thermal, CA, and other nearby towns.

Here is a list of gate solutions that we offer:

  • Rolling gates. This gate type is perfect for both residential and commercial use as they work perfectly in both indoor and outdoor environments. Rolling gates are durable, high-quality, long-lasting, and easy to operate.
  • Single gates. Single gates are perfect for walkway entrances and homes in the city. Homeowners pick single gates for both privacy and decorative reasons. They are also often used as pedestrian access.
  • Walk-in gates. Sam’s Fence, Inc. also offers walk-in gates for your properties in a great choice of shapes and colors. We can also customize them to match the look of your property.
  • Swinging gates. If you need a gate for a smaller walkway or a garden gate, you should consider a swinging gate. They are considered more secure because they require a person to approach and physically open them. Whether you need a swinging gate for your commercial or residential property, count on Sam’s Fence, Inc.

When measuring for a gate, measure post to post NOT hinge-to-hinge

At Sam’s Fence, Inc., we can also do a gate for every fence offered. All our gates are made on-site and in-house. Please contact us for more information and details.